Capturing vision envisions to showcase vision of the person, clicking it, as “A picture paints a thousand words”. To share the unspoken words, a picture is the best medium through which one can convey his message. Each picture captured and each experience experienced, is exclusive to the one capturing it. The perception of a person decides how he see the world. This site will share photographs and experiences, which are exclusive for the one capturing it. On this site you can also share your view and, tell us how you felt looking at that picture and broaden our perspective. This is a platform through which people can see things in a broader sense, and can learn through other’s experiences. It is amazing how vision, can change the meaning of the picture, therefore it should be shared.  

Shambhavi; ‘Capturing vision’

capturing vision

Shambhavi gupta is a student of BBA, she is in the last semester of her graduation. She likes clicking pictures and believes that, each individual has a vision, which she can share by capturing photographs. By capturing vision, one can share his thoughts, through a photograph.  She belongs to a place which has beautiful landscapes and inspirational beauty, which has inspired her to share her vision and to know about other people’s views on them. https://www.capturingvision.com/why-travel-travelling-and-photography/