Perspective Is A Reward For Growth

 Perspective is a reward for growth


Sissu Waterfall

                                 “A picture paints a thousand words”, and the thousand words in it reflects one’s vision. Isn’t it amazing to see that every individual has a story which reflects his perspective? People have different opinions, stories and experiences. Which somehow make them see things differently. Just like pareidolia in clouds, everyone see different images up there. It left me wondering about the VISION, with which everyone sees it.

                          Travelling involves experiences which liberate your soul from the dilemmas of your life. You come to know about so many things, which were unknown to you. The stereotypes can only be broken, when you allow yourself for a paradigm shift. A person can only learn new things if he allow himself to look for relevant questions. Which are obviously hard to find. Thus, a very few choose the road not taken, and instead prefer a path with already some footprints on it. Choosing a safe path does not guarantee happiness but asking yourself relevant questions do. Thus it is very important to find a direction in your life that interests you, and for that you must first ask valid questions to yourself. Getting an answer to the old school questions will bring you no new ventures.

 How To Find Relevant Questions?


                               When you explore your experiences take you to a place in your head, which you were incapable of reaching in your monotonous life. There’s a joy inside you that can’t be explained in words or maybe it can be, but as it is said ‘picture paints a thousand words’. The best element of a photograph is that the story in it changes from person to person. The one capturing it, clicks it with a story in his head and a view in front of his eyes. But the person who rather just see the picture, see something different. Something that his perspective reflects. This is the most magical part for me. By capturing vision through a photograph, a person not only captures the moment forever, but also captures his unique vision, which can be expanded by learning about others’ vision. Isn’t that what our ultimate goal is? To learn new things and grow; adding something new to our perspective. Every person ultimately wants to grow in his life, and that involves a lot of people and different perspectives. You cannot just sit alone and progress, its people around you who help you to grow. Perspective is a reward for growth. Thus “Capturing Vision,” is a journey to my growth.


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  1. Sristi Gupta

    Beautifully written and the best definition anyone can give for one’s perspective! ??

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    Eloquently written and correctly explained the individual’s outlook.

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      Keep it up????????

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  3. Lakshay chauhan

    Totally, Life is more about asking the right question than about answering the right answers.
    It’s really well ? . Keep them coming ?

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      Thank you:)

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