The Royal City; JAIPUR

the city palaceThe royal city; JAIPUR attracts tourists from all across the world to see its transcendent tourist spots.“Jaipur is a blushing bride draped in pink, dancing in our dreams while the peacock sings”. When I first heard that, the most popular bloggers in the world find Jaipur the most beautiful city and they would love to visit it again. I wondered what is there that it’s so popular amongst everyone. I am fully aware that it’s a world heritage city and it has magnificent palaces and a very rich history. But all this makes the place attractive, not a place to visit once and again. So, I had Jaipur in my list since a very long time.

the royal cityAs planned vacations don’t take place in real, my plan got cancelled. Although, it’s said that planned things are never meant to happen, it was still very upsetting when it was cancelled.  But it’s also said, ‘ when you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping  you to achieve it’. I was meant to go before covid 19 arrested us inside our houses with stringent lockdown. The train ticket and hotel was just booked two days before the journey.  And finally I could follow the Chinese proverb “Don’t believe what they say, go see”. 

Finally got a chance to not hear, but to see it in real

              the royal cityWhen I reached the railway station of Jaipur I was amazed to see how properly it was managed. It gave me a royal welcome with all the elephants on the pink wall,  and arresting lighting. Besides that, it’s just thrilling when you visit a new place. You are totally unaware of the crazy little experiences that you’ll have, and cherish all your life. They are so new to you, it’s just like a child learning something for the first time. Moreover, it gratify’s your curious soul.  I won’t bore you with the details of places that I visited, as everyone is well aware that the tourist points there are monumental and majestic.  But I would like to tell you that, now I know its vibe and its wonderful as it is welcoming, they mean it when they say “padharo maahre desh” in the Rajasthan tourism ads.


the royal cityEminent and Legendary Rajput Emperors

I was so amazed to know, that the architects were so ahead of time that even a small flower that was carved into the wall had so many elements to it. The guide we hired was working there since he was 20 years old and he for sure was above 70 now. He told us that the flower carved into the wall had so many structures in it. From one angle it looked like a fish, from another a crab and from some other angle a snake, it was impressive.  The townscape from Nagarh fort is something that’ll always remind me of the great Rajputi emperors who were so ahead of time.

I’m so glad that I could visit this place and experience the rich culture of Rajasthan. Every city has some different vibe to it and list of exciting surprises. This differs from person to  person, what they make out of it. As for me, it was a popular, exciting and a charming city, but beyond that, a place that gratified my soul .I somewhere read this quote by  vinita Kinra, which perfectly fits to my vision of that place now.“Jaipur is the finest jewellery ever created on earth, where king was the jeweller and bricks his gems”.

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  1. Sristi Gupta

    Beautifully written and explained. My visit to Jaipur is on my list like you. I am amazed to see the part you have shown in your blog. I am waiting for more!

    1. shambhavi

      Thank you. You should totally go and take it off your list.

  2. Vishal Kumar Rattan

    I have never been away from my home town but now I really want to visit this place. Keep writing its very informative.

  3. Arshiya Chandel

    Well done shambhavi!!! You took me there again?! Best piece of yours till now.

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