Why travel?

Travelling and photography are two things which, when done together,  a perfect moment can be captured. Travelling is something that first leaves you speechless, and afterward transforms you into a storyteller. I read this quite a while back, I didn’t have a clue what it implied in those days, since I had not traveled back then. I believe that one should travel as much as he can because it adds to his list of new experiences. It brings, some cool wind on a blustery day to one ,and an excellent nightfall to another,  so the experience of each individual is different. 

                    What preferable approach to share it than a photograph, “a photo which can paint a thousand words “. A photograph can capture the moment and the vision of an individual. Travelling has become the most well known movement around the world. Everybody wants to travel,’ BUT WHY?‘ Is it something what every other person believe is fun, or is it something which is satisfying? As per me its something which cause you to disregard your stresses and give you a wide view, of taking a gander at things and enlarging your point of view.

                      We ultimately grow when we travel, we see new places and find a ton about ourselves. There are so many things which are unknown to us, so many things about ourselves. We can share our experience by clicking a photographs.  Travelling and photography should be done correctly, because only then you can capture the perfect moment and share your vision. The vision with which  an individual see things should be shared, by clicking pictures and capturing the moment.


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